Envol, 2019
Flowers, eggshells, pigments, binder and fibers
53 1/10 × 66 9/10 in
135 × 170 cm

Sunset, 2019
Eggshells, pigments, binder and fibers. Bottom in steel
25 3/5 in diameter
65 cm diameter

Abysse, 2019
Flowers, eggshells, pigments, binder and fibers
49 1/5 × 66 9/10 in
125 × 170 cm

Comète, 2019
Eggshells, flowers, pigments, binder and fibers
68 9/10 × 44 1/10 in
175 × 112 cm

Composition I, 2018
Eggshells, flowers, pigments, binder and fibers
Wood frame and bottom in steel
82 7/10 × 27 3/5 in | with frame 88 3/5 × 31 1/2 in
210 × 70 cm | avec cadre 225 x 80 cm

Abstraction I, 2019
Eggshells, pigments, binder and fibers
63 × 40 1/5 in
160 × 102 cm

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Geneviève Levivier’s approach combines sensibilities of a contemporary visual artist with personal innovative technologies. By mixing the artistic gesture, organics materials, pigments, and eco-friendly self-invented paint binders and bio-sourced fibres, Levivier defends a creation freely inspired by a mix of textiles know-how and pictorial techniques. The abstract coloured interlaces composing her works echo aesthetics of nature in its wild and poetic aspect.  By combining real roses and old species of medicinal plants with  pigment and fibres, she reinterprets the art history theme of the Vanitas, as well as symbols of tapestry, embroidery or lace, with a sense of surprise and poetry of these materials.

This way of working comes through in her Eggshell Alchemy collection, recto-verso translucent tapestries, and circular translucent textiles sculptures, that can be framed or suspended.

Playing with light such as stained glass, the rich sensory artistry of the series shines through and demonstrates Leviver’s ability to perform a material metamorphosis with living materials – eggshells, flowers – that have lived one life, and are now reborn.  

After creating the most refined and surprising textiles for the most prestigious fashion houses for 10 years with her studio A+ZDesign, nowadays  Geneviève Levivier is devoted to the creation of her contemporary tapestries and artwork in harmony with a theme, the surrounding architecture, the living nature, the light, and performing the idea of synaesthesia.

As such, she is regularly invited to present at solo or group exhibitions – for example, at the Museum of Sao Paulo, Triennale of Milan, Universal Exhibition of Milan, Hong-Kong Design Week, Swiss and NY Galleries.




Prolongation| No black is black

JUNE 20 - SEPTEMBER 8, 2019

Eggshell Alchemy




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by Lidewij Edelkoort

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