Although born in Montevideo, Pablo Bruera spent his childhood in Venezuela before returning to Uruguay. While in Caracas, he discovered works of the major Venezuelan op and kinetic artists, that have an impact on his work. Having developed an interest in art at a young age, he started to draw and copy humorous drawings. For several years, he worked in press illustration while developing his practice in painting, engraving, and sculpture.

He experimented with different materials for making sculptures before finding his preferred one, iron, that allowed him to bring movement to his creations. Oddly, it is with a rigid material that he celebrates fluidity. Both in his sculptures and in his collages, he examines the relationship between parts and wholes, positive and negative spaces His works, therefore, can be compared to a melody where  the silences are just as important as the notes for the harmony of the whole. 

Pablo Bruera draws his inspiration from music, poetry, and science. He has been captivated by the nature and its geometry as well as its infinite cycle from the seed to the tree to the seed. His sculptures, like the terrestrial sphere, turn on an axis, but the movement must be done by the spectators. They must touch and modify his works, and by doing so they create something new. This sensorial and intellectual experience is a part of the artist’s creative process whose aim is to make his art accessible to everyone.

Bruera’s works have been shown internationally and are included in public collections such as the Museum of Contemporary Art of Montevideo in Uruguay, and the Villa Casas Foundation, in Spain. Born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1972. Since 2001, he lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.






by Pablo Bruera

Interactive book edited for the

exhibition “Shadows” in One Art

Space, September 2014, New York

Exhibition in galería Sala Dalmau,

Barcelona, Spain, 2016

Exhibition in Galería Alfama,

Madrid, Spain, 2006

by Pablo Bruera

Exhibition in MTOP,

Montevideo, Uruguay, 2001

by María Yuguero.